Oracle of the Cosmic Way-I Ching

Freeing the True Self with the I Ching-a Matriarchal System of Transformation 2016

"If you were imprisoned and had only 3 pennies and the I CHING Oracle...then you would have all you need for complete transformation! The skills you will acquire from this class series can assist you and your loved ones for the rest of your life…"

Dr. Imsara leads this course that will teach the principles of the I Ching and how it can be utilized to assist you in deep release, personal transformation, support and nourishment. The I Ching, when done with sincerity, tends to be life transforming. This is a sure and steady way to truly free your TRUE SELF and become liberated from unconscious and hidden elements that hold you back. This is a vital and valuable tool that can transform the very essence of your life experience.

Their translation is based on the original I Ching manuscript. It then took 30 years of persistent work to restore its wisdom tainted by patriarchal overlay that then became the unique "I CHING-Oracle of the Cosmic Way."

The class book, I Ching: The Oracle of the Cosmic Way by Carol K. Anthony & Hanna Moog, will be available on the day you come to class or you may pick it up at Willow’s office-address above.

This workshop you will give to you a most potent transformational tool to expand consciousness and LIBERATE your spirit.

Please contact Dr. Imsara to register at (727) 821-8300 and Cost for entire workshop is $175.00 which includes required textbook; workshop is $145.00 if you already have the book.

Prepaid registrations reserve your space, or come early to register the day of the events.

Dr. Imsara is an evolutionary astrologist, Doctor of Oriental Medicine, and facilitates group travel for evolutionary growth to various places around the world. Learn more about Imsara at