Intro to Evolutionary Astrology Course

Intro to Evolutionary Astrology Course

2018: Begins February 24th, March 10th, March 17th March 24th, April 7, 14th, 21; May 5th, May 19th
10 Am to 2 PM 9 classes in series Wings Bookstore, St Petersburg, Florida

Cost: $40.00 a class

Evolutionary Astrology is an invaluable tool that contains the map to the healing of your True Self. You are invited to participate to learn techniques and gain new understanding in order to properly nourish and sustain what you were given at birth to live a happy and joyful life. We will also explore the deeper meaning and purpose between your unique past and your emerging future!

  • You will learn key basic skills and tools that can give you the knowledge and awareness necessary to better understand your own natal chart and its potential for growth. This is a foundational course that will ground you thoroughly in the key archetypes of the signs, planets, houses and aspects. This is a prerequisite to the intermediate level of evolutionary astrology and will prepare you for deeper studies.
  • As the class progresses key points in chart assessment and analysis will be discussed. Imsara will also explore and discuss many fascinating and thought-provoking ideas related to natural law, nature and the effects of social programming.The process will focus on using simple strategies in identifying the Main Karmic axis of any chart in addition to assessing the evolutionary growth point. Strategies will also be given that can help to align with the evolutionary growth point and move the person forward in their intention for growth. Come one and come all, ready to have some fun while you learn a natural law and intuitive skill set that can serve you well over the course of your life!
  • If you plan to attend, you will also receive a copy of your natal chart so you can follow along, ask questions and reflect and ponder. Once registered, please email Dr. Imsara with birth date, time and place.
  • Please bring writing materials and notebooks. Dr. Imsara will supply handouts, charts.
  • Book recommended: Jeffrey Wolf Green: Volume 1 Pluto and the Evolutionary Journey of the Soul
  • Note: This course will serve the intention of providing a solid foundation for application and future study. You will be equipped to begin an actual practice of this art if you do desire.

Dr. Imsara is an evolutionary astrologist, acupuncture physician, teacher and facilitator of journeys to expand and support your evolution. She holds a Doctor of Oriental Medicine and a Master’s in Public Health. Please see bio section.

Email contact will be given to you when you register with Wings Bookstore at 727-522-6657 or at the Wings Bookstore, 4500 4th Street North, St. Petersburg. Email will be given upon registration.  Also check out