Egypt Tour 2019

(Dates, content, and certain inclusions may be altered pending finalized itinerary.)


The Regeneration of Spirit
April 13th - 27th, 2019

On a long ago morning. my travel partner Patricia Bowers and I gazed deeply into the eastern sky witnessing Venus as it rose in the morning dawn. Recently, I suddenly found myself longing to return to Egypt. This longing arose from my many visits to Egypt and the experience of her people who had awakened our minds, left footprints of love in our hearts and stirred our souls to the mystery and magic of the Hathors, stellar ambassadors of love and joy. It was during our early days of leading trips to Egypt, in 2002, Patricia and I met a most remarkable and distinguished Egyptologist by the name of Emil Shaker. He quickly led us to the man he worked with, Mr. Mohamed Nazmy.

Meeting this dynamic duo was like being handed the keys to Egypt, almost magically opening the doors to experiences and places that we never thought possible.They have meticulously planned all of our subsequent journeys to Egypt with the utmost in care, concern, respect, generosity, love and integrity.   We found we could always trust their experience, their intuition and most of all their loving hearts to work with us to guide us into the fundamental center of each individual”s unique need for their own connection to the heart of Egypt.  Finding Mohamed and Emil was like finding two lost brothers.

Mohamed envisioned a form of a sailing ship that reflected the days of ancient Egypt when the King and Queens sailed the Nile. He ultimately built this home away from home for us thus creating his magnificent sailing ship, “The Afandina.” This marvel of the Nile has everything on it geared to the utmost in comfort, service and care so you can fully relax and enjoy all the bounty Egypt and her people have to offer. One of Mohamed's many pearls of wisdom was when he once told us to “just follow the thread. I now choose to open and extend to you an invitation to trust, to also follow the thread and make your dreams come true!

Please join me, Dr, Imsara, on a trip of a lifetime to the Heart of Egypt and the land of Khem.

For information about our host and coordinator in Egypt, Mr. Mohamed Nazmy, please enjoy his autobiography: Love is My Religion by Sharlyn Hidalgo.

Dr. Imsara, Doctor of Oriental Medicine, author and Evolutionary Astrologer, would like to invite you on a once in a lifetime opportunity to one of the most magical lands on this earth. Expand your life to infinite possibilities!

Imsara enjoys painting in colorful acrylics, making healing elixirs from around the world and who also hosts groups of travelers who want to expand their experience of the world-at-large. Imsara has studied creatively at Findhorn in Scotland, British Columbia, Egypt, Peru, and China, where she interned as a student of acupuncture. Moreover, she holds a Master”s Degree in Public Health from the University of South Florida. See biography for more information.

Dr. Imsara is also introducing the next generation of the Alchemical Cosmic Pyramids of Light. This is a course of experiential and extended study designed to accelerate your evolution and liberate you from social, religious and collective conditioning. The Cosmic Pyramids of Light Alchemical Guidebook will be available by the time we sail the Nile.



Below is a sample 15 day itinerary. A finalized itinerary will be sent to you with costs and other information upon request: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Land package includes all hotels, a private 9 day sailing cruise on the Nile, all site and entrances, private visits to the Great Pyramid, The Sphinx and the island of Philae, ALL in-house domestic air, ground transportation and transfers with the main group per itinerary, meals indicated.

Non-Refundable deposit of $1000. reserves your space. Price is based on minimum of 12 people traveling, double occupancy; no single supplements on Nile cruise. Single supplements for hotels only. Our journey is limited to 16 spaces only. Please note: The magical and amazing energies that will be available to you during your journey and as we attune to the needs of the moment, the itinerary is subject to change.


  • All domestic air in Egypt.
  • First class 5 star hotel accommodations at the Pyramids and throughout your journey.
  • The Nile accommodations will be on the 5 star Afandina sailing vessel
  • Full daily breakfast, most lunches and dinners included
  • Private visits in the Great Pyramid and other sites when possible; all classes, meditation and sharing circles.
  • All transfers to and from airport with group, Egyptologist and guides, escorts along tour.
  • All entrance fees to itinerary sites; camel and felucca rides
  • Land travel in comfortable air -conditioned coaches.
  • All Holistic, Art, Yoga, Meditation, Alchemical and Evolutionary Astrology classes included


  • Air flight from your gateway city to New York, JFK; Travel and Health insurance.
  • Tips for Egyptologists, guides and Nile cruise staff -$225.00.
  • Other meals not stated in itinerary; optional tours not indicated.
  • Airport transfers in Egypt, one -way $35. if apart from group.
  • Egyptian Visa $25.00
  • Personal items, purchases, Souvenirs, beverages, phone calls, Internet, laundry not included.

Please note that this is a privately facilitated tour. The teachers are Dr. Imsara and select others. Our travel partners on the ground in Egypt are highly respected world wide for their attention to detail, heart oriented service, amazing hospitality and an almost magical ability to get us secure access to just about any place we want to go! Quest is the best!


All events will happen but necessarily as indicated in the order posted in the itinerary. Spontaneity and flexibility are integral to the process so we encourage a light heart and an open mind.

Day 1 - Your gateway city to New York, NY

Overnight non-stop flight from JFK, New York on Egypt Air to Cairo. Meals/beverages aboard flight. Dinner/snack/light-breakfast

Day 2 - Cairo

Welcome home to the beloved land of Kemet (black-land) Upon the morning arrival at Cairo International Airport. You will be greeted at immigration by a tour Quest representative to help with travel visa, collecting luggage and customs. You will then be escorted to an air-conditioned bus that will start the journey of seeing the sites along the streets of Cairo, and then arrive at our luxurious hotel at base of the Giza Plateau. After checking in you can take a short-rest in the comfort of your room, explore the hotel and the incredible swimming pool and exchange dollars in Egypt pounds at the convenient bank located in our hotel. Late afternoon we will gather in the hotel lobby to journey a short distance for a welcome dinner of delicious Egyptian food, get acquainted with fellow travelers and go over the tour schedule for the next few days. 0vernight Cairo (D)

Day 3 - Cairo/Giza Plateau/Sakkara

We will meet in the lobby and then travel by bus to the Giza plateau to explore the pyramids and have a visit with the Sphinx. The Sphinx is known as the guardian of the great mysteries, here we will have time to reflect and meditate at this incredible enduring monument. This will be the site of our simple yet important opening ceremony. Later we will take a camel ride. Back to our hotel for coffee and delicious international breakfast.

Afternoon bus ride to Old Kingdom Necropolis of Sakkara to visit the Step Pyramids of Sakkara, the world's oldest freestanding pyramid. The Step Pyramid of Sakkara was from the inspiration of Imhotep, the visionary architect of Kings Djoser (Dynasty-III). Imhotep was not only an architect but evidence show he was also a gifted healer as signs of medical treatments have also been discovered on the bones/mummies found around these site. We will also visit the sound temples located there as well as the tombs of the nobles to see the vivid symbolic reliefs the depicted life in ancient Egyptian some 4000years ago. Evening is free. (B)

Day 4 - Cairo/Aswan

Early breakfast at Mena House restaurant before heading to o take a short flight to Aswan on Egypt Air. Transfer by bus and board our sailing home for the next 9 days aboard the private sailing vessel the “Afandina” (B, D).

Day 5 - Aswan

Gourmet breakfast on the Afandina with plenty of time to enjoy, relax and be amazed at the splendors of our home on the Nile. We will take an afternoon sail on a Felucca around Elephantine Island enjoy the sunlight dancing on the Nile, feel her cool breezes and experience the merriment of activities that one could only imagine on the Nile. Enjoy the sunset from the spacious deck and also scrumptious dinner prepared by the gourmet chefs of the Afandina. Sweet dreams on your first night the arms of the Nile. Evolutionary astrology class where we will focus on each individuals chart and their evolutionary purpose for being on the journey. Overnight Aswan (B, L, D)

Day 6 - Thursday-Aswan/Philae

Very early morning rise for private sunrise mediation at Temple of Philae, here we will pay tribute and celebrate Isis and appreciate the peaceful inner sanctuary in the Holy of Holies. The beautiful island temple of Philae was moved piece by piece to this location when the great dam of Aswan was built. On Philae we will guide you in a creative exercise designed to open up your creative process for the rest of the journey. Return to the Afandina for breakfast. Later in the day on our boat we will continue with a creative art exercise utilizing your morning meditation. You are free to explore city of Aswan, the Nubian Museum or walk through the wonderful open market and find beautiful colorful cotton scarves, wool blankets, and the traditional Egyptian galabeyas and costume jewelry. Overnight in Aswan. (B, L, D)

Day 7 - Aswan/Kom Ombo/Edfu

We will start to journey on the waters of the Nile early this morning for a longer sail to Kom Ombo. We will arrive in Kom Ombo. Here we will visit the temple of two gods... Sobek: the crocodile god of strength, fertility, fortitude and rebirth. Horus: falcon/hawk head, son of Osiris and Isis. Return to the Afandina for lunch then an afternoon class on the 7 stages of Alchemical Transformation and the Alchemical Pyramids of Light. (B, L, D)

Day 8 - Edfu/Esna

We will take a short bus ride to the town of Edfu to one of the most beautiful preserved and a continuations of new excavations. Here at the Temple of Horus, falcon head god: one may have an opportunity to look at the dualities of life balancing the dark with the light. We return to the Afandina and set sail to Esna. Enjoy a creative writing class with a focus on poetic imagery and symbols designed to evoke a deeper connection to the heart. Crossing the Esna Locks. Sharing circle in the evening. Overnight Esna (B, L, D)

Day 9 - Esna/Luxor

Today you can relax and refresh your body and spirit, as this will be a Full day of sailing for the day on the Nile. Morning class of Qi-gong on the sundeck. Take time to read a book/ write a postcard or in your journal then just simple watch the activity on shore from the deck of the Afandina. Feel yourself slipping into the ease of the pharaoh/queens and enjoy the beauty, charm, and tranquility of Egypt. Creative art exercise with a focus on mandala and sacred geometry. Overnight Luxor (B, L, D)

Day 10 - Luxor/Abydos/Denderah

Today we travel by bus to the temple of Abydos built by the pharaoh Seti l and is a dedicated temple to Osiris. This temple also rest on top of the “Osirion” where you will see the “flower of life” symbol that dates back well over 5000 years. Many people feel that Abydos holds the “heart of Egypt”. Later we will travel to Denderah to visit the temple of the Hathors, the goddesses of love, joy, dance and laughter. There are exquisite reliefs of Nut...Goddess of the sky. This site was also the home of the Egyptian horoscope before it was taking by Napoleon to Paris, where it has remained in a very obscure place in the Louver. Overnight Luxor (B, D)

Day 11 - Luxor/West Bank

Morning at the West Bank of Ancient Thebes of the site of the royal tombs of the Pharaohs who built their resting place for their mummified bodies and a glorification of the life they lived. One of the most magnificent funerary tombs was that of the “only” woman pharaoh Hatshepsut. Return to Afandina for lunch...then you are free to explore and shop in the beautiful city of you will find the best quality of gold and silver for your signature cartouches and custom fit galabeyas of the finest Egyptian cotton. Overnight Luxor. (B, L, D)

Day 12 - Luxor

Today we visit two of the most magnificent temples: In the morning we will visit the extraordinary Karnack temple complex. This temple is considered one of the most sacred in Egypt and is connected to the male and female forces. This is connected to the initial division of these forces in order to unify again to create a sun, via the solar disk. Evening visit to the incredible Luxor Temple which is known, as the Temple of Man. Man is a Sanskrit word meaning “to think” and this temple contains and was built upon the same harmonic principles of proportion that describe the perfect human archetype. We will walk through this temple in all of its magnificence and also have a time for silent contemplation and meditation. Overnight Luxor (B, L, D)

Day 13- Luxor/Cairo/Giza

Morning flight to Cairo and check into the Mena House. You can shop or enjoy a relaxing afternoon. We will celebrate our journey with a private evening visit to the Great Pyramid of Giza. Here we will have time in the King”s chamber to meditate/share and reflect on your journey. You will see and feel the strength of this incredible structure and be in wonderment of how this was built! FEEL the energy! Overnight Cairo. (B)

Day 14 - Cairo

In the evening we will have a special private visit inside the Great Pyramid with a culminating initiation in the King’s Chamber. Here, we unite with our life story with the story of those who have come before us and those who will come as we embrace the full circle of our transformation. We will have a celebration and sharing circle prior to gathering for our Farewell Egyptian Dinner (B, D)

Day 15 - Cairo/New York, NY

Morning departure for air fights back to JFK, New York, Afternoon Arrival at JFK- then to your gateway city. Meals/ beverages aboard flight.


You can reserve online with our booking form or contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you have questions before making your reservation.