Energy Medicine Consultations

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Acupuncture and Energy Medicine Consultations

Acupuncture is relatively painless. You may feel a slight brief sensation from time to time but in my practice this is uncommon. Acupuncture is one of the fastest growing alternative health care methods in America and can be used as a stand alone treatment of choice for a wide range of conditions. When coupled with Qionic™ Healing and Magnetic Field Treatment it provides superb and comprehensive system for effectively treating a wide variety of medical problems that include anxiety, body pain, fatigue, depression, insomnia, stress and nausea. Some of the conditions it can treat are:

  • Back Pain
  • Depression
  • Headache
  • Nausea
  • Thyroid
  • Digestive issues
  • Insomnia


At the heart of this ancient medicine is the understanding of QI (“chee”) energy and its tremendous importance in keeping the human bio-energy field nourished and flowing. It is the blockage of QI in various forms that result in pain, fatigue, depression and other symptoms of illness and debility. There is a network of fourteen major energy channels, or meridians that course through the body delivering nourishment and vital energy to your body and spirit. The truth is quite simple. When Qi flows freely though the body then one is able to enjoy good physical, mental and emotional well-being. As the Qi is harmonized wellness and healing can then return.

Acupuncture works best in a series of treatments. In the beginning, I may see you once a week and then we progressively back off as your body is harmonized and a sense of well-being is restored. As a rule of thumb, I generally recommend 3 to 5 treatments to start. We will then discuss further treatment based on your response. In general, I typically see patients 3 x a month for approximately 4 months, then shift to a maintenance schedule. Maintenance is particular to your needs and lifestyle. Most commonly, maintenance is once every one to two months. You will also receive dietary and supplemental recommendations along with suggestions for keeping active. It all works together!

Three Main Objectives

Acupuncture is given in a series of treatments that are unique to you. The main objectives are to:

  1. Strengthen the immune system and promote relaxation
  2. Balance, harmonize and integrate functions of the organs with each other, making for a unified and healthy you, rather than a collection of fragmented, pain and anxiety driven, disharmonious parts.
  3. To eliminate pain and other symptoms.

Acupuncture is often used in concert with other modalities, such as Tui Na, a form of chinese massage, Gua Sha, an ancient stimulation technique that can help to break up blockages, relieve pain and improve circulation, herbal formulas and Pranic Healing. I also incorporate a wonderful technique known as Magnetic Release Therapy. This is wonderful for pain and old emotional blockages that have become trapped in the body.

In my practice you get what you need. I do not separate what I do in different service categories and costs. It is all included, as needed, in my treatment fee. There are cost saving packages for treatment available to you as well.  

Qionics™ Energy Healing

Qionics™ Healing (pronounced Kee-onics) is a system that evolved over time from my energy training work in Therapeutic Touch, Reiki and Pranic Healing. I began the study of Energy Medicine modalities in the early 1990’s. Qionics™ Healing is an effective system of energy healing that fundamentally that heals and supports while it also cleanses your bioelectric energy fields.  It is multi-dimensional and is compatible with your own innate body wisdom.  In fact, that is what Qionics™ essentially is.

It is a system that works to address the source of many ailments. it is in the breakdown of the bioelectromagnetic fields, known as chakras, that open up the door to disease and illness. If your bioelectric system stays vital, strong and healthy, then you will too. These chakras can be likened to components within a computer. If the wires and circuitry began to deteriorate then the integrity of the operating system is compromised-your body.

The key is to help keep these systems healthy and flowing to begin with. However, when illness occurs Qionic™ Healing also offers a complete and comprehensive protocol to assist you in regaining balance and harmony. Improvement in chronic and acute illness can be experienced by adding this simple and gentle adjunct. The most common effect is a sense of generalized well-being and sense of inner peace.

In your initial assessment I provide you with an assessment and a treatment to begin the removing of blockages and other debris from your energy fields. During your treatments I may use some acupuncture and you also are given a BioMat™ treatment in conjunction with the above. Typically, it takes from three to five treatments to thoroughly cleanse the 11 main chakra fields responsible for energizing, protecting and nourishing the body. Clients often report an experience of better energy, ongoing peace and improvement in overall body function as the cleansing progresses.

After completion of your series of treatments, as given by listening and working with your body, you have the option of going on a maintenance program. This is also determined by consult with your body itself, via the use of applied kinesiology. Your body KNOWS what it needs.

Maintenance programs can vary from once every two months, to 1 to 4 times a year, attuned with the seasons. I have synthesized this energy modality to a very precise and holistic system that actually serves many levels of your being.

The final point I want to make is that negative emotions are often trapped in the body. This can lead eventually to illness in a physical sense, pain and emotional problems, fears and anxieties. Qionics® is a precise and effective tool for helping to release those negative emotions and often the effect is improved wellness with the cessation of symptoms overall. This can also be used in combination with another favorite modality to release trapped emotions in the body, Magnetic Field Release treatment.

Magnetic Field Release or MFT

Negative emotions trapped in the body go often undetected yet can produce a wide range of physical effects, not to mention difficulties with really feeling and living a joy filled life. Some of the negative emotions can be ancient. The mental act of “letting go” is often not quite enough. In my office, I have had clients relieved of pain and other emotional trauma by using a simple method of magnetic release. In this method, kinesiology is used to determine if negative emotions are a contributing factor to the problem the client is experiencing. Then, a kinesiological protocol is used to determine what emotions are present. Magnets are then used specifically to release these negative, or dense emotions from the person’s magnetic field, followed by a recalibration and balance, healing stress and deficiencies within the magnetic field itself.

Once you release a trapped emotion, it does not return. Using magnets can also improve, sometimes dramatically, the rate and effectiveness of overall healing. It can also eliminate pain in some cases. I have had patients eliminate hip, back and arm pain in as little as two sessions. However, every situation is different and this is not to be considered as true for every situation.

In summary, one of the services I offer that bring me the most joy and satisfaction is assisting clients in improving their level of emotional well-being and enjoyment of life. This often involves a good and through energetic “house-cleaning’ in order to give your bio-electric system known as your body a chance to heal and function optimally. Optimally is measured by your capacity for healing and wellness. I have found that wanting to heal, sincerely and deeply, is as important as any other tools that is used by your physician.

My fundamental purpose relative to why I focus on the  energetic healing field is because that is the underlying source of many physical and emotional ailments.  Helping to clear your energy fields can also help to move or promote progress in your evolution.  It serves as a potent complement to my other main tool of Evolutionary Astrology by helping you to become more conscious of your purpose for being on earth at this time.  It really reflects a multidimensional blueprint of  your True Self and helps to point the way home, to that which your true self is evolving to.

Deep Memory Process®

Deep Memory Process® was introduced via the work of Roger J Woolger, Ph.D who was a highly skilled Jungian psychotherapist. One of his primary works is the book “Other Lives, Other Selves” and reveals the case studies of many of his clients who needed regression work to heal and become more whole. Deep Memory Process, or DMP is a synthesis of the best methods available for healing deep subconscious trauma. If offers the total package. It can handle a variety of situations, including ancestor work and spirit work, along with past life regression.

The DMP model is simple in concept, elegant in form and potent in its ability to address all levels of a person’s healing, fostering unique recall of long forgotten trauma. This trauma can then be cleared with an end result of catharsis and restoration of harmony. It uses tools such as archetypal imagery, psychodrama, gestalt and depth psychology in order to access the stories held within a person’s subconscious for the purpose of healing and release. It excels in the pursuit and healing of complexes, which are psychic fragments that have split off within the individual due to trauma.

These fragments can create a range of disturbances within a person’s well-being, including mental and physical. DMP is unique in that it is a modality that spans both the personal and transpersonal unconscious which allows the client and guide to access multi-layers. This results in a very clean and holistic process. DMP is a holistic philosophy and method that can effectively unify and bring a deeper congruency and wholeness to the person’s spirit and sense of True Self. This type of session can often be synced with your personal evolutionary astrological transits in order to help maximize healing and effectiveness as well as the use of the MAP system and elixirs. This ultimately will provide you with a total package of wellness and aftercare. A session typically lasts anywhere from 2 to 2.5 hours.

Please feel free to call me and to discuss making an appointment. I would be happy to speak with you.