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Below are testimonials from patients and students that are delighted with their treatment and/or service provided by Dr. Imsara. If you have a testimonial for Dr. Imsara that you would like to share please click on the link to the right. Your feedback too it would be appreciated. For those of you wishing to learn more about Dr. Imsara please review the comments below:

Hello Blessed One...Feeling quite alone and needing to connect to others who are walking a spiritual path back home to their True Self, I remembered that I still hadn't listened to last Saturday's conference call which I missed. Very much enjoyed your guidance through the meditation on the throat chakra.

I especially appreciated the suggestion of "turning your eyes around" to inwardly look at myself. Also, I've never made the connection that our ears, and their connection to the throat chakra, is in fact that we may hear our inner voice. Of course!

Since working with this pyramid program, don Miguel Ruiz's online Mastery Course, along with deeper personal work with acceptance of what is, staying present to the moment, to myself, and what I may be feeling...compassion for all, myself included, as of late I am suspended in the eye of a tornado watching the illusionary dramatic human life spinning out of control all around me....

Over the last few months I have shifted to yet another level of understanding, for which I am truly grateful, now only truly realizing that my search outward was not a waste of time, but merely not the place I ultimately needed to go in order to find what I desired...THAT mysterious connection. Once I turned 'my eyes around' and looked more deeply inward I found my way home. The Life Force that is love, joy, peace, compassion, acceptance...me...you...all living beings...the Cosmic Consciousness. As I walk the lonely path of the spiritual warrior, with many obstacles still to overcome, I am even more diligent in my daily practice of staying in balance, 'not doing', being with what is, accepting without sacrificing myself, and listening.

I thank you wholeheartedly for your gifts of wisdom which you so graciously have shared, your guidance, your love. I am grateful that, on this human level, we have come together.

With deep appreciation and tremendous love.
Posted By: Tonya Heartsong
Imsara teaches from the heart - her love and passion for the subject matter is evident to all. Her teaching style is like her personality - effervescent! Her classes are taught in an easy open format encouraging the sharing of opinions and experiences. We look forward to hosting more classes!
Posted By: Dawn Wella
Owner of The Village Mystic, Bradenton, FL
Having recently taken my first 4 session Evolutionary Astrology Class with Imsara, I say, fasten your seatbelt and truly prepare for a new life journey. It is a topic that absolutely connects the mind in its highest imaginings with the soul's deepest desires!!!! My life is forever altered. Thank you, dear Imsara
Posted By: Sophia B
St Petersburg, FL
Imsara is a true force. She has always provided me with clear and direct guidance. She has an open heart, mind, and arms! Imsara has done my charts for many years now and I always enjoy going back to listen to our talks or read what she sent after our consultation. I highly recommend having Imsara do your charts. Her insight and intuition are simply amazing!
Posted By: Lisa Kelley
Boulder, Colorado
Thank you so much for the wonderful August astrological overview and guidance! I was in your class this Spring and I enjoyed it very much. I hope to continue learning more about EA.
Posted By: Theresa Vance
St Petersburg, FL

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