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Things are just moving so quickly since I started the Pyramid to Initiation last month. Several mornings I’ve awakened with different songs playing in my mind. They’re always positive and full of heartfelt joy. “You are my Sunshine” to “Don’t Worry, Be Happy” and “Good Life” (by One Republic-awesome song) just to name a few. Starting off my morning singing feels great! Some old hurt feeling and miscommunications with others have been healed.

Last week I activated my vision board and a whole new set of changes are occurring. I have no fears or worries as I know all will be taken care of for me. When the time is right it will happen and I will keep my heart centered there, in the joy of my cosmic destiny playing out. The unfolding is happening quickly and although I might move into concern it’s only momentarily and then I’m back on track observing the whole flow and being happy that it’s happening. And one of my favorite things is that my health is staying strong. Yeah! Had a little issue with my right ankle last weekend, but I put some Be Gone 2 on it and I’m good to go. So I look forward to seeing you in a month for our next appointment. That still amazes me that I’m at 2 months between sessions. Again yeah body, mind & spirit.

I hope your life is full of wonders too! Aloha
Posted By: Pat Davenport
Clearwater, Florida
I heard you talk about Astrology and the cycles of life at a conference, the way you described it made me wanting to know more about it. You gave me a reading, you opened the door for me to evolutionary astrology and since I come back to you every year for my solar return, you always make me see the bigger picture, and understand more about myself. You have charisma and always attract a nice group of people around you when you organize these incredible trips to power places around the world. You always know the right local persons who help us to discover and love their country . I am very happy and grateful to be part of your group.
Posted By: Christine B
Hi Imsara, the connection to the pyramid team. already, quite intense.
already an unraveling, a removal of a tapeworm of longing (stretching back lifetimes)
already a shedding of so many moments i have clung to in hopes of re-writing them
already a declaration that i am here not to join others in the village but to lead others to join me in the forest
and lots of scrunching--not pain per se, more like the sensation from a good workout--in the liver/spleen/kidney area and all of this just from yesterday's "naming" of my team (think a beautiful santa fe sunset) and this morning's coning for activation phase. perhaps i should channel bette davis and fasten my seat belts..OR perhaps the invitation is to keep them off!!
Posted By: Brett Will Taylor
New Orleans, Lousianna
Hello dear Imsara,

Thought I should reach out & let you know as of tomorrow, I will have completed my ROS program. To think how far I've come in the last 6 months - it truly has been a life-changing experience!

Love and Light
Posted By: Tracy Cuahonte
Bradenton, Florida
Hello Imsara,
I had a dream several nights ago which I would like to share. This female panther, cat, lioness, ?, with large powerful whiskers and chiseled face came face to face and started to sniff me all over. I guess she felt that I was ok
because she proceeded to lie down next to me on the bed with her paws spread out like a dog spread out on a cool floor. Someone then threw a “chimp” on the bed. This animal looked like it was in a trance, or I thought maybe hibernating. She went over and sniffed this animal out like she did me and laid back down.

Well, I went to Animal Speaks to research all types of cats. While doing that I got a flash of Sekmet. I researched her and saw a picture of a statue of Sekmet and it was surely her with the face that was on this cat who was in my face. That face was very different that any cat face I was familiar with. The other interesting part of this dream was the “chimp”. As I was researching Sekmet, what did I see but a picture of a baboon. Oh my, it wasn’t a “chimp” but a baboon known as Thoth. Amazing.

Many years ago while on a retreat in north Carolina, very bored in a lecture, this voice within me said, I am Thoth, come talk with me. I did that following the lecture on Meditation Rock which overlooked three states, and was told that I needed to bring him back into my life. I had discharged him with several Christian religious lives that followed. I did not know who Thoth was nor did I ever hear that name.

In my journaling the day following the dream came the message ,”Sekmet is your guide through this stage of your evolution. Welcome Thoth in the fullness of Light. Bring him into your fold. Release the klutz and embrace your power and might. The klutz has a long history which I did not think had the power. It did indeed have a very rich consciousness. Beware of that which is just a normal part of who we are. I thought I outgrew that but it prevailed in other dimensions.

Isn’t this journey wonderful! Mine certainly is exhilarating even in the midst of what I assume is crap. How wrong I have been.
Posted By: L.K.
Tampa, Florida

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