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Below are testimonials from patients and students that are delighted with their treatment and/or service provided by Dr. Imsara. If you have a testimonial for Dr. Imsara that you would like to share please click on the link to the right. Your feedback too it would be appreciated. For those of you wishing to learn more about Dr. Imsara please review the comments below:

I finished my doctor of naturopathy program on April 8th 2011! . And, If it wasn't for your Pyramid programs 12 & 13, I never would of considered even starting it! EVER.

You're an amazing creator, healer, teacher, and innovator in our lifetime that I wish every person would encounter. Knowing by doing so, each individual would have the opportunity to truly expand their consciousness and souls evolution to the degree they desire truly within themselves.

I have witnessed the results in my own personal and professional life as well as the lives of others over and over again. May you continue to influence the universe in a positive and unique way that benefits everyone in the world.

Your programs are truly life changing, thank you!
Posted By: Jill Perline, ND
Denver, Colorado
Imsara has opened my eyes to so many possibilities in life with her intuitive guidance and counsel. My first encounter with her provided me insight into my Astrological Natal Chart and has progressed through participating in many of her perceptive and inspirational Personal Evolutionary Development courses. I can honestly say that by participating in her programs, and with her encouragement and reinforcement of my beliefs and dreams, along with her unfailing support, she has aided me in manifesting, and realizing my dreams, and purpose in life. Should you be in need of understanding your path, clarifying your direction, or understanding next steps in life, I highly recommend you engage Imsara as she has many tools in which she can assist you to realize your potential as well!
Posted By: Barbara Wastart
Roatan, Honduras.
The Autonomy of Self program works in tangent with other constructs we have that define Self. It is a method of obtaining a direct dialogue with aspects of the self that are neglected or underemployed; a way of contacting the True self and putting it in touch with conscious intentions, and manifesting unconscious. It is a way of shedding the debris of the psyche, and thereby re-energizing the Self. Complexes that have attached themselves to us through past experiences can be released, offloading old baggage. Because it is structural in nature, AoS is rejuvenating: dormant parts of the psyche are re-contacted and engaged. I felt much more whole, emotionally available, and able to be conscious of my self through this program. Thank you and my best to you.
Posted By: Diane Dewey
St Pete Beach, Florida
Thoughts on the Pyramids:
I was new neither to the spiritual path nor to the path of self -realization when called to the Pyramid of Light program in 2004. Thirty years as psychotherapist, a year in Jean Houston’s mystery school and decades of counseling, body and energy work had cleared the deep scars from my childhood in the Holocaust and I was receiving communications from the Brotherhood of Light. I was nevertheless confused about the inter dimensional and extra terrestrial memories that were surfacing. It all began to come together as I followed the protocols of each successive Pyramid. The work is subtle, mysterious, powerful and uniquely personal. There is no leader, guru or belief system to follow. One’s personal MAP team leads the way. Through the Pyramid of Light, my emotional issues, physical challenges, mental confusion, spiritual path and extraterrestrial memories have been progressively integrated into my everyday life.
Posted By: Lisa Raphael
Kapaa, Hawaii
About Dr. Imsara-

Imsara treats with ease and vast knowledge. In her care and on her table I am in the best hands.

Personal growth, awareness and my personal enormity are given unique ways to 'be' and 'express' through the pyramid program. Imsara KNOWS what may be next for you as you wind your way through the cosmos. She leans in deeply and connects for your good and benefit. I am constantly reminded of the great fortune given to me -- to my higher self, to my true self (therefore to others in my life) by embarking on the pyramid programs.

Evolutionary astrology
as a therapist I am providing for others with all that I know..it is my life's work with great love and knowledge...I do much of my own healing but, when I am in need of council and direction, faith and inspiration, truth and more truth, I turn to Imsara. delivered with a smile, a nod of the head and energetic hugs in and of the most positive nature I am given only what I need each and every time.
Posted By: Jennifer G. Sprung
St. Petersburg, Fl

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