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Well....now...THIS is powerful stuff we have here in this little bottle!

After a few weeks of JUJUin', some observations:
-- Seriously, THE most powerful essence I've ever experienced from you.
-- To that end, I've found this to be less about "clearing" and more about "intensifying". In other words, on days that I've been gunked up w/ energetic clutter, this makes me anxious, unsettled as the projections I put out there become very intense. Not a bad thing, but you have to figure out that it's projections you're dealing w/...and that JUJUBee hints that, perhaps, it's time to deal w/ that! However, when you're nice and clear energetically, WOW...such a clean intensity you get. No weird-ass bells and whistles, just an "ahh,yes. YES! THIS is it!"
-- I find that just a few drops will do. You really have to "check in" day to day/time to time to see how many or if you need it at all. I've started to really "listen" to JJB...to see what SHE thinks I should do. And, yes...very MUCH feminine energy in this bottle. POWER-FULL energy!

So, bottom line: Not for sissies! Or, I'd even say beginners. But, if you're looking for a no-holds-barred, "you best have your shit together", partner to walk/dance/fly with you through one of life's paths, give her a go!!

Will keep you posted as things continue to unfold. Thanks for letting me be a guinea pig!! :)

Hugs and peace..and, of course laughter, this day!
Posted By: W.
By the way, Clear Fields Elixir is pretty-dang wonderful. I probably will always keep it close by now. I haven't had to use it in the last week or so, but saw that I was running too-dang low, and want it NEAR!
Posted By: P.D.
Lakeland, Florida
I am writing in regards to making an appointment to see you for some elixirs of light. Your elixirs have helped me shift and open in wonderful ways in the past and I'm finding I need some assistance right about now.
Posted By: C.P
Tampa, Florida
The Pyramid of Light programs initiate transformation at a deep level – soul transformation. Before I met Imsara there was an emptiness in my heart and a longing in my soul that I could not fill. Today, I am at peace. I am taking action in my life that I could not have imagined before the Pyramid programs. My creative self that was buried deep for most of my life has emerged and I am on a journey filled with creative expression, personally and professionally. The joy I experience today is a direct result of the Pyramid programs, evolutionary astrology and Imsara’s loving support.
Posted By: Loretta Pickford
Boone, NC
The Alchemical Cosmic Pyramid of Light Programs have changed my life in powerful ways. The profound new insights and awareness gained through the Pyramids have enabled me to see myself more clearly, to identify and relinquish false beliefs that had entrapped me in limiting and difficult situations, and to find my truer and more authentic self.

Imsara is a wise and humble teacher, and the Pyramid Programs she has birthed have given me tools that I use on a daily basis to help keep me on course, empowered and growing. When introduced to the Pyramids, intellectually, I didn’t quite understand why I was drawn to them, but starting the process felt true to my heart. I am so very pleased that I followed my inner voice. The journey in which they have lead me has been and continues to be amazing.
Posted By: Lourdes Miro
Lakeland, Florida

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