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Below are testimonials from patients and students that are delighted with their treatment and/or service provided by Dr. Imsara. If you have a testimonial for Dr. Imsara that you would like to share please click on the link to the right. Your feedback too it would be appreciated. For those of you wishing to learn more about Dr. Imsara please review the comments below:

Amazing results with Clear Fields elixer!!Began taking Wednesday..no real notice of anything. I was directed 30 drops each morning. Today,6 days later,energy is filling me, mental clarity returning...which I feared was gone forever!!Smile. Ideas, tasks,one by one,completed....feeling accomplished and grateful for elixer. Thank you lovie Dr. Imsara!!
Posted By: Sophia Battle
The last thing I expected when having an astrology consultation ("The Works") was to experience an “a-ha” paradigm shift...I’m talking total 180, life-changing, healing transformation that occurred subtly during the session generating empowering resolve that fiercely rippled out inspiring positive changes in all areas of my Being. I found a deeper understanding, aligning to my Higher Self and an awareness of what I was meant to do in this life. I appreciated Dr. Imsara’s straightforward manner and I am extremely grateful for her intuitive insights and guidance.
Posted By: Katherine Schmidle, CBP, LMT
Certified BodyTalk Practitioner & Licensed Massage Therapist, Dunedin, Florida
Like all the travels with Imsara, Mount Shasta discovery has been peaceful, and friendly yet full of great adventures.
We stayed in a charming ranch surrounded by nature, and the beautiful view of Mt Shasta.
Perfect place for gathering in the evening and eat an healthy dinner, or practice yoga in the morning.
Each day we visited a different amazing scenery, each one more beautiful than the other, the nature is omnipresent and powerful.
It feels good to regenerate surrounded by the beauty of Nature.
Posted By: Christine Buttigieg
For me, my trip to Mt. Shasta it was several things.....Amazing connection with nature; wonderful women with such peaceful and easygoing energy, much sharing and learning where all the different women have been and are; very organized with lots to discover and see, along with downtime to take in all the beauty and spiritual gifts that Mt. Shasta has to offer. And our leader, Imsara, she is so easygoing and lighthearted that it lead the way for our coming together in that manner. And who could forget, Mary, Imsara's right hand helper, who really knows how to keep things organized and on track. In summary.....Always and Forever, Bonded in Mt. Shasta!
Posted By: Sue Osfar
Imsara's retreat to Mt. Shasta provides a life changing experience. Imsara's insights and knowledge she shares is insightful, and thought provoking. In addition, the itinerary she creates provides the opportunity for one to expand in body, mind and spirit in unconventional ways. Every year I've attended I've walked away feeling bliss and enlightenment in areas of my life that I've not focused on previously. The women I've met during these retreats have left impressions on my heart, for which I'm very thankful. The lodging is perfect for this retreat. Tucked back away into nature, with a spectacular view of Mt. Shasta, and nestled in tranquility. If you are looking for adventure in a way that can lift your spirit, you must attend this event.
Posted By: Barbara Wastart
Holistic Health Practitioner, Reiki Master, IKYTA Yoga Instructor

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