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I hope all of you returned home safe and sound. I'm still vibrating from all the energy and clearing that I did with this wonderful group of powerful goddesses! A life changing experience in so many ways. Thank you, Imsara for being our fearless leader :-).

Love and Light,

Sheila Lambert

Posted By: Sheila Lambert
Just wanted to write a quick thank you for the insight you provided to myself and the others at the workshop last weekend. It was such a wonderful, insightful, and reaffirming learning experience. We had such a nice group of people and we all seemed to share many common threads. Very interesting.

Thanks again! Have a great holiday weekend! =)

Jessica Barhitte
Posted By: Jessica Barhitte
I must say this is, by far, the most interesting essence with whom I've danced!

I would say Earthwork’s Heart Portal is like a ride on the rapids.

She is sneaky. The vast majority of days I have taken her (now a bit over 30), I felt nothing. I almost wrote you a few times to say "eh, this is the first one ever that has zero effect).
She is overwhelming. But then she totally takes over, tosses you about, leaves you exhausted--all while you're completely disoriented, frustrated, and scared.
She is crystal clear. And then, once you get through all of that, you sense with a clarity like never before. The sense is of the heart, the clarity is of its wonders (lots of blues and purple waves here). Such that I literally have goose bumps as I type those words.

Overall, she is incredibly demanding--as I mentioned. If you are not intentional with her, she won't show up. I get the sense that, like a trip down the rapids, once you start her you cannot start.
My sense is that she has me for a total of 40 days, so I've about a week to go. I can't remember the exact date I started, but have no doubt she will let me know when we're done!

NOW...where she is leading (and I sense leaving) me is into the catacombs of my Inner Giant. Not Little Will--who is THIS bodied, but that Inner Giant who is eternal, primordial. So, have anything for THOSE conversations!?!?!

Thanks. I really love this one!
xo Will Taylor
Posted By: Will Taylor
The trip to South Africa was such an adventure on many levels. The beauty of the places we visited brought such appreciation of the natural world, and knowing that we were in the "cradle" of early man made it even more spectacular. The engagement with the White Lions on Linda Tucker's Preserve in Tamavati was the highlight for me. My heart was full with the inspiration their magnificence offered…the lion strength of being, the mutual exchange of love and respect; and the hope that Mother Nature, in her wonder, will be preserved.

On the practical travel part of my trip to South Africa, it was excellent. The trip was well planned and executed. Ruth Underwood was a perfect complement to Imsara (and Patricia). She was very knowledgeable, and the itinerary chosen was what I had hoped for. Our places of rest were perfect for the areas we were visiting, and the hosts were warm and welcoming. We were always well feed, and well cared for to maximize our enjoyment and experience. I was grateful.
Posted By: Mary Ann Chambers
Nashville, Tennesee
The South Africa trip was more than I could have even imagined. The accommodations were fantastic, the food was delicious, the people were wonderful and the places we visited... WOW. And of course, we weren't just sight-seeing, but experiencing it all right down to a soul level. The more you are willing to open up, the more you get out of a trip like this! My whole life is changing and I'm nothing but excited for it. If you feel it, DO it! South Africa is always going to hold a special place in my heart.
Posted By: Mary Brown
Bradenton, Florida

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