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Below are testimonials from patients and students that are delighted with their treatment and/or service provided by Dr. Imsara. If you have a testimonial for Dr. Imsara that you would like to share please click on the link to the right. Your feedback too it would be appreciated. For those of you wishing to learn more about Dr. Imsara please review the comments below:

Just a follow up to our appointment on Saturday...I feel very grateful that you have come into my life. You are one of the few people I feel I can talk with who actually listens to me and hears me. Thank you! You are a gift to me!!!
Posted By: C.H.
Brooksville, Fl
I have studied under many teachers and completed many programs on foundational internal work however the Pyramid Programs developed by Dr. Imsara have been some of the most effective and crucial I have done. Their effectiveness is at a sub-atomic level creating permanent transformation and an awareness of multi-dimensional aspects of being. Dr. Imsara herself teaches with integrity, honesty and humility. Her laughter is infectious and her ability to be human, divine. Be prepared for transformation and healing!
Posted By: Willow, LMT, HB
Bradenton, FL
I knew that if you were organizing a trip to Peru it would be something special, and as I love to travel, I wanted to go!
I am glad I did this trip with you and the great group of people you gathered. We had the best guides, Malku , Alanna and Amaru, they shared so much, helped us to discover and made us love all these sacred sites. The energy stayed high at all time, and I can say that I feel still in a state of bliss and gratefulness. I guess I transmitted my enthusiasm, as many of my friends told me that they would like to come next time. Looking forward to travel again with you !
Posted By: Christine Buttigieg
Ft Lauderdale,Florida

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