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Below are testimonials from patients and students that are delighted with their treatment and/or service provided by Dr. Imsara. If you have a testimonial for Dr. Imsara that you would like to share please click on the link to the right. Your feedback too it would be appreciated. For those of you wishing to learn more about Dr. Imsara please review the comments below:

Imsara is....well, she is Imsara. And what an awesome, wondrous, gentle gift that is to any and all who encounter her. I think of her as my spirit-filled Big Sister, a knowing, funny, spot-on guide who always has just the right insight, nudge and humor to help me make sense not only of the cosmos, but also my journey. A rare gift, indeed.
Posted By: BWT, NOLA
I have studied under many teachers and completed many programs on foundational internal work however the Pyramid Programs developed by Dr. Imsara have been some of the most effective and crucial I have done. Their effectiveness is at a sub-atomic level creating permanent transformation and an awareness of multi-dimensional aspects of being.

Dr. Imsara herself teaches with integrity, honesty and humility. Her laughter is infectious and her ability to be human, divine. Be prepared for transformation and healing!
Posted By: Willow, LMT, HB
Bradenton, FL
Unlike any other program available today, the Alchemical Cosmic Pyramid of Light Programs are amazingly powerful programs that will permanently change your life for the better. The results I have experienced as a participant of these programs include: a greater sense of inner peace, more vibrant energy, and an overall improvement in every area of my life - physically, emotionally, mentally, and especially spiritually....and, the results keep on getting better and better the further you get in the program. There is no question that these programs are truly invaluable resources for anyone seeking real, permanent solutions when it comes to personal growth and self-improvement.
Posted By: Neil Habgood
Tampa, Florida
My experience with Dr. Imsara:

I began my journey years ago by reading various books, listening to an assortment of CD’s, attending seminars and workshops, and thru meditation and prayer.

About 2-3 years ago, I was at a low place in my life. You know that saying, “ When the student is ready the teacher will come”…. was so perfect because I was ready…and the teacher came..… a true gift.

I was given Dr. Imsara’s contact information and told she was amazing and did great healing energy work. Not having a lot of experience with energy workers, I decided to check it out.

I will never forget my first session with her. Tears filled my eyes and my heart was heavy as I talked about my life and my feelings. It seemed I had come so far…..past hurt and anger had been replaced by love and forgiveness only to feel anger and hurt again. … the past repeating the past. It seemed to me that on a cellular level, I felt stuck.... there was an impedance to flow.

My first session with Dr. Imsara changed my life. I can’t actually tell you what happened, but something did.
I was full of peace and love. There was a release on a spiritual and cellular level. It was like my brain cells or the circuitry had been rewired or freed. The past memories and previous trauma held no charge. I felt free.
I continue to grow spiritually and have gained so much insight and understanding into who I am through the work done with by Dr. Imsara.

In addition, I have met many like - minded individuals through the various trips and seminars she offers and have establish a very nice network of friends.

I am very thankful for her healing gift and her dedication to her patients
Posted By: Heidi Heil
Nurse Practioner, Tampa, Florida
Imsara’s astrological consults are always insightful, informative and helpful for guiding my personal and business decisions for the coming year. She goes beyond the usual astrological readings and provides you with wonderful opportunities for personal growth and self-awareness.
Posted By: Pauline Macdonald, M.Ed.
Co-Owner, Well Within Natural Medicine, Inc. , St Petersburg, FL

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