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Dear Imsara...trusting you are well and joyful in view of what the Cosmos is beaming to us!!! My goodness!! Also, will the tele-conference be rescheduled at some point in time?

My dreamtime continues to be rich, but intense at times still. There is so much to share; however, this one happening I felt compelled to share. As I have shared before, I felt that so much of my dreamtime has been a clearing experience for me; but this one was really profound, as it was so physical.

I awoke thinking that I needed to use the bathroom, in the middle of the night. As I was continuing to awaken, I felt an intense pressure around both my upper arms. It was as if there was a blood pressure cuff being used there. The pressure was extreme. I thought to myself (downloaded)...this is not physical...I am not experiencing an angina incident! What I "knew" this was, was the incident that was revealed to us aboard the Afindina on our trip to Egypt when the story of The Bitter Lake Sisters came to be. If you do recall, when we were accosted in the Sinai desert and slain; both my arms were severed several inches above the elbow, as my role at that time was that of a "healer" in the Essene community. We experienced our deaths, we concluded, I do believe, according to our "sacred service". The pressure subsided quickly then, and I believed I gave gratitude for the clearing, rolled over and fell deliciously back asleep.

Imsara, there is so much more...another example was that this past Tuesday night, I went upstairs to prepare for sleep, when I noticed something on the bedside table. I could not believe my eyes!!! There was a live queen bee!! We have had no bee activity what so ever, ever. But there she was, in all her immenseness! So, I put her outdoors, and heart apologized for being a bit less than gentle. Of course the mythology of the queen bee is quite rich...and on it goes...dreamtime.

My "weariness" appears to be lessening...thank goodness. I trust that may "lift" even more after the 25th. Once again, I wish you well...my heart is always full with the M&M's...the moments and memories. Light and Love..always in great abundance sent to you...
Posted By: Mary Ann Chambers
Nashville, Tennessee
I started looking for my way at age 21. A visit to Findhorn introduced me to the notion of deva's and nature as a presence in the garden created on a sand dune. I loved this idea of communing and working with nature. Many years later I was led to the Alchemical Cosmic Pyramid of Light Programs developed by Imsara. The independent learning with check-in calls for clarification and questions suited me. I always felt supported on the outer level of my life while in the programs and felt I could get through anything. They also opened unexpected doors --- pushing me to expand and grow in new areas leaving behind unnecessary dross. Between you and me, I always felt that these programs were developed just for me. And I am sure if you asked other participants they would say the same. The marriage within the programs with nature offer a balanced supported means of growth perfectly suited to these times.
Posted By: Chantal Castel-Branco
Toronto, Canada
Last night I listened to the CD of my astrology reading with you of a year ago, December 2nd. Reflecting on that session now, on the eve of my birthday, I recognize how far I've come from the confusion and self-doubt of a year ago.
You were of tremendous help to me at that critical time in my life.

You were gentle and kind, clear and firm, giving me the encouragement I desperately needed to take immediate action. The essential tools in your natural toolbox have been tremendously helpful in energetic ways that would be hard to put into words.

So I want to thank you, Imsara, once again, and let you know how much I appreciate you and your healing assistance. THANK YOU
Posted By: Leah Linzer
Bradenton, Florida
Thank you for all that you are and all that you share with us. The latest class was absolutely amazing!...... Looking forward to seeing you again!
Posted By: Liz Lema
St Petersburg, Florida
Thank you soooo much for Sky's reading on Saturday!
She is using her remedy "religiously"!!
She told me today that she used it last night without me reminding her!
I sense a lightness about her and she is hugging me and telling me
she loves me all the time!! It is amazing!!!

Much love and thanks.
Posted By: Sarah L. Boler
Bradenton, FL

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