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Autonomy of the True Self© Pyramid of Light

Thanked my team for all they’ve done over the last 180 days (of the program). I know I’ve made many subtle changes and I do feel more grounded and in touch with myself.

Discussed with team:

Eating healthier. Improved significantly

I bought a juicer and am making incredible veggie and juice blends

Weight is down to 124 pounds

(Below are excerpts)

This client also recently reported to Imsara that she consistently feels lighter, more energy and better than she has ever felt. Old habits and patterns of dysfunction have either decreased, stopped or are much easier to pivot around. She is also making exciting new plans for her life, moving and is engaged in new activities that allow her to feel energized rather than depleted.

Posted By: Sheila Lambert
The Pyramid of the Path to Bliss

My MAP experience has been rich. Soul searching rich. From the very moment I started the first pyramid grand excitement was in store. All things that are real but unseen became seen in a different dimension. And, I am so appreciative of what I have gathered in my phyche, in my little world from the knowledge gained through the Pyramids, with Imsara and with my sacred and dear MAP and Pyramid Teams.

The day I recieved my first Pyramid booklet, over 12 years ago, I did not read the instructions. I took the essences so divinely made and given, and fell asleep. There wild in my dreams was a roaring lioness, a wild woman, a very old and knowing brown skinned deity. She arose and magnified creating awareness in my soul. She wanted me to know that she was there, had aways been there and would always be there. She was available to teach me, if I was so inclined. I will never forget that dream. She was stretching her lioness mouth wide open and the wind was blowing through her hair. When I settled in the next night, still taken by this vision, I read the Pyramid instruction and the first page was an introduction to Sekmet. I did not know of Sekhmet before this reading of the Pyramid. Yet, she knew it was time for us to meet. She came to me vivid and alive. She guided me through and became a trusted teacher.
There have been so many experiences.

That was my first and now I will tell you about my last. The last pyramid was challenging. But I love an internal challenge. One that I can hold dear and not share with other humans. One that is shared with the hidden glories of the world. This is special and worth it!

Just a few days after beginning the pyramid, I was walking to the beach. Fifty yards in front of me was a tiny woman walking. I go to the beach often and there is always someone ahead or behind. This day, I said to myself, I will meet this woman. I continued to the waters edge noticing that this little beautiful brown woman was 100 yards to my south. I turned to look at the water and within 5 seconds she was there by my side. it was instantaneous. She said that we were meant to meet each other. She asked me my name. She told me her name was Sweet Potatoes...I knew then this was a sacred meeting as my name on all of my writing is Sweet Potatoes. We then waded into the waters of the Gulf and there she sang to me deep and longing voice with vibrato...she sang to me in the healing waters of The Gulf Of New Mexico! She told me I was Solomon and to watch for her as she swims for her heart. And then she swam away.

The last pyramid has seen me grow in my intuitive ability, in my healing ability, in my work and my family. My life is full and I attribute a part of that full rich life to the mysteries and truth held within the pyramids. I believe in things we cannot see. I believe we can feel and know much more about the ethers and veils of this world , if we just pause and allow ourselves to do so.
I have met so many other worldly spirit people. I march to the beat of a different drum and I am proud of the work I have done with MAP and Pyramid. True healing for the heart, body and mind.

Posted By: J S
Pyramids Of Light©
I simply settled in for a MAP session..explained to them
that I should have directed this question to them sooner and it was almost like a bolt of lightening. My eyes flew wide
and a mini jolt brought the work SIRIUS to me. And the feeling that accompanied it was 'Well. of COURSE!, been on that accelerated path
now for a few years...'

so cool.
Posted By: Jenny Sprung
If you have any interest in the study - this is the place to start! Meeting Imsara and the study of evolutionary astrology completely changed my life - I'm forever grateful!
Posted By: Cory Caroline
I just wanted to send you an email to let you know how much I appreciate you and your practice. You are very special to me and I cannot thank you enough for your compassionate care. I will be graduating tommorow and I could not have gotten through these trying years without your help. I will be calling soon for an appointment.

Sincerely, Anne Boeke St Petersburg, Florida 2/28/15
Posted By: Anne Boeke

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