April 2016 Evolutionary Astrology

My child…not walking your true path weakens you… Ra-the sun god

ARIES —Impressing peers and accruing material goods cannot really free your true self. The greater realization lies in understanding you have an innate need to prove yourself to yourself. Tests of skill, courage and self discovery is an integral part of your experiences over 2016 as you make choices, ideally, that can take you to new places and insights. It is not about showing others what you can do or have. It is about showing yourself to your own best advantage and thus creating an inner buzz of joy as you manifest your desires. Dig deeper in any area where you may not be doing your best. Do not listen to those who flatter, cajole or otherwise influence you in ways that can darken your path. Understand early that seeking approval from those outside of your own internal governance can only lead you astray. Be the vital force you know yourself to be deep down!

TAURUS - Forget about arguments of right and wrong. Begin to see reality from a higher perspective that transcends old beliefs of judgement and disconnect. This is a timeframe that can uplift and enlighten you as you allow yourself to engage with those you love, be out among nature, do some travel and listen attentively to your intuitive guidance, following it with commitment and trust. Think also about service and what that means to you. A great idea is to take on a new form of serve related to helping others in some area you have experience in. This can take you outside of your comfort zone yet move you into a deeper connection with new possibilities that are actually just waiting for you to see them. Fine tune your diet this month as well, eliminating the things that you know are incompatible with your greater well-being.

GEMINI – Now is the time to focus on transmuting the fruits of past knowledge and experience into new and more efficient forms. There needs to be an inner metamorphosis occur so that resistant ce disappears and you are free once again. Nurturing a modest and sincere attitude will take you far. Carry through in the projects initiated. Your energies through the coming year can fluctuate erratically. Sometimes you feel the need to rest more while other times you feel a push. This is symptomatic of a need to both finish up a past that is now fading while you slowly weave new ideas and structure into your daily life. Thus, you may feel a bit paradoxical and overwhelmed. Recognize where your true life responsibilities lie and discard the rest. It is helpful to lighten your load where you can.

CANCER - The suppression of a person’s natural senses begins in childhood where their inner connection to natural law and the invisible world begins to fade. Even more detrimental is the environmental conditioning that is heaped upon one, invalidating much of the inner truth that is given at birth. Through following these rules and conditions that stem from faulty thinking and social misunderstanding a gradual sense of loss is experienced, often experienced as an inner emptiness or sadness. One becomes reliant on the outer trappings of life for security and thus loses the internal security that comes from being a part of life itself. The key to getting back in touch with your natural knowing and sensitivities this year is to make your life more simple while at the same time making a daily commitment to get in touch with your center. This is the key to self-sufficiency. This is the key to inner peace and security.

LEO - One of the blessings of being born is that you are born with a complete set of hidden invisible helpers which are created from cosmic intelligence and only require a certain level of innocence and humility be maintained. It is very important for you to begin to detect and evaluate the various rules and expectations you live by. Consciousness is not something created by beliefs. It is a natural living gift that is available to all freely, providing it is not blocked or distorted by mistaken ideas and misinterpretations. Even simply knowing this can be freeing. At times when you may feel you are just treading water this wisdom can be a pearl of great price. Choose to no longer exalt the thinking part of you and merge more deeply with the true feeling part of you. This is your task in the months ahead. The feeling is core to you being alive, knowing the world through your senses, not your mind.

VIRGO – Goodness, kindness and sensitivity are your natural gifts. Step back from the mind wanting to criticize or judge these qualities and allow the more Piscean part of you to emerge. Pisces is the natural complement to Virgo and it lies dormant within you until you consciously allow its unified lovingness to emerge. Start by not measuring yourself to anything outside of you. Boost it by deliberately pivoting whenever you feel the critical part of you emerging. This part is only for the purpose of evaluating how you can improve anything. Cease beating yourself up for any reason for you are judging by false external standards that were taught to you by collective and mechanistic forces. Combine your ability to perceive and synthesize with your ability to just flow. Give up making plans. You are a living part of the cosmos…how can you view yourself as anything less?

LIBRA – In some ways you are standing on the cusp of an ongoing new beginning. Many additional choices will continue to be presented to you over the next seven years as they have been over the past seven. It is a time for eliminating outworn ideas and things, places and people as well as experimenting and testing new ideas and possibilities. Your counterpart, Aries, provides an example of the pioneering kind of spirit that is engaged in constant self discovery and its good to know that you have that deep within you as well. Pull out your sword of discernment and be fearless in cutting away anything that is false or no longer viable. If you are in conflict about something and it does not resolve, toss a coin. Refuse to belief the social lies that would hinder your growth such as loyalty to things outside of yourself. There is just one thing that you need to be loyal to and that is your inner truth…take time to listen to it and act accordingly.

SCORPIO - Inspiration is the name of the game as you embrace a new lease on life. Spring is here and it is important to fan the flames of new ideas that have occurred, allowing nothing to damper them. There is also a lot to be said for grace and the blessings it can bestow. Evaluate and then move forward to adjust the areas that may be in need of refinement. Stay on top of things by keeping your mind in sharp focus yet following the guidance of your heart. Much insight can be available to you can experience new levels of understanding. Like stockings hanging on a fireplace, not much happens until you look inside. Gifts can abound.

SAGITTARIUS - Spend some time out in nature, building a campfire, doing some fishing, breathing in the fresh air and eating a few good meals. There is a necessity for you to get into deeper alignment with natural law, exploring what holds meaning for you and reveling in the mystery of just being alive. There will be new urges surfacing, urges that can lead you into progress and movement within your life. Follow these nudges, fanning any new desires with commitment and trust. This is also a great time to do some travel or take on some form of deeper study. All in all, you have everything to gain and your heart will give you a big hug for it!

CAPRICORN – Your days ahead could be compared to a search and seizure where all bets are off. Your task will be to dig deeper within the well of your own consciousness and come to greater understanding about you and your place in life. Begin to peer deeper below the depths of daily living. Take some time to test out some new ideas. Make some improvements in both home and office. Strengthen your body and build up reserves where needed. Take a look around the home and do some repair there as well. This is a period of improvement for you and it leaves no stone unturned. Take note of what you find that is useful or has been long forgotten. Eliminate the superfluous and refine as needed. Go beyond the outer motions of living and dig deeper.

AQUARIUS — The vision is of a person who is revealing new ideas to those who are listening. It is about being all of who you are and finding ways to creatively express it. Most people see the world in more or less straight lines. You do not. Truth never needs defending for it will resonate with those who can hear it. Wait for the right moments to reveal some of the things you have been thinking about. Seek to align in your own independent way with others who speak the same language. Celebrate your uniqueness by sharing it. Often people resign themselves to a humdrum life because “this is just the way it is.” This is a mistaken idea, another clever form of escapism that inhibits the very life blood of the individual who thinks it. There is always capacity for transformation and it always begins with desire followed by action and fortitude.

PISCES - There is a need to realize that even during the most trying of times there is help available. Take steps to shore up your resources. Evaluate how you can make your life, your earnings and the relationships you truly care about more secure. Listen carefully to what people say to you in order to better read and ascertain the energy of the message. Later this year you will encounter some crossroads that can be very important relative to the choices you make for your life direction. There has got to be some new ideas in there somewhere that can both reflect your developing talents as well as your acquired experience. Nothing warms like a fire that has been lit…light yours!