About Dr. Imsara

Since I was a child I struggled to make sense of what I saw and had little interest in the surface things in life.  Having been schooled and born into a family rooted in Roman Catholicism I intuitively knew that this held little value for me.  I found out that one of the things this meant was that I needed to free myself from all types of both conscious and unconscious beliefs that I had inherited through religious, cultural and family influences. I finally realized that my only recourse was to forget everything I thought I knew and surrender to a state I called "the great unknown."

Thus, I began to study astrology at the age of 9 and upon reaching the age of 44, I finally stumbled across what I had unknowingly been waiting for. It was a book, sitting on a bookshelf at the Barnes and Nobles store that played a key role in shifting my life's destiny. I remember it kind of blinking at me and as I pulled it from the shelf and gazed at the author's photo he seemed somehow very familiar to me. His name was Jeffrey Wolf Green and he had written the book, "Pluto, the Evolutionary Journey of the Soul."  I remember telling myself, "This is what I have been waiting a very long time for."

 Within the next five years I determinedly began  to take up the study of Jeffrey's system of "evolutionary astrology". This system had been a pure download to him primarily through his dreaming in Sanskrit. This particular astrology reflects cosmic Natural Law and thus is invaluable as a tool for evolutionary and personal growth.  It thoroughly reflects to you your past, current reality and future evolving self of your Spirit.  

Astrology, particularly the study of Evolutionary Astrology, was the doorway I walked through to know my True Self once again, to recapture who I truly was, shorn of all the conditioning, expectations, judgments and mistaken ideas so freely dispensed and administered through the collective ego, known as civilization.  Through the study of Evolutionary Astrology (EA) I began to answer many unanswered questions. In hindsight, it has helped me immeasurably and I watch it do the same every day for my clients and students. In getting your chart done via evolutionary astrology your life begins to make sense and a path of sorts appears.

Due to my need to continue to accelerate my growth and awareness I am co-creating a guide book that will support and deepen an individual's ability to deprogram and free themselves from social conditioning.  The big secret is that we do not have to become enlightened...we already are. Our true light is just obscured by all the false conditioning that has been melded over the human psyche. Much like stripping paint, we need help in removing delusion and distorted beliefs and so the techniques we created do this as well as help to purify, heal and regenerate.  It is important to understand that all we are asked to do is to free our True Self.   The guidebook will be available sometime in 2016.

In 1999 I then made a decision to enter Chinese Medicine school and graduated in 2003. Through the intervening years I have worked diligently to integrate the studies of evolutionary astrology, esoteric acupuncture and energy medicine in ways that can help to catalyze a person's growth and evolution.  I also hold a degree as a Doctor of Oriental Medicine and am considered a primary care physician in the state of Florida.  I also have a Master's degree in Public Health from USF. 

Within this, since 1985 I have studied the BOTA school of tarot,  sound healing, color healing, pranic healing, Qi Gong and Roger Woolger's deep memory process system for past life regression and spirit resolution issues.  I have also worked with the MAP system for over 19 years.  I also offer in my store unique elixirs made from different places around the world and which my students have found helpful.  I regularly teach classes, write and speak for groups in subjects such as: Evolutionary Astrology and the I Ching. 

 I also create unique group retreats and journeys to other country’s for the purpose of evolutionary and personal growth and awakening.  This is open to the public and also students that study with me.   I have been to Egypt and Peru several times, Glastonbury, did some Findhorn studies in Scotland, and recently completed an incredible adventure to South Africa in 2014. On the coming agenda for 2015 will be a return to Mt. Shasta, a group adventure I usually do annually. Please see my travel section for all updates and itineraries. Thank you for taking the time to get acquainted.  I am just a phone call, click or message away!

See you in the stars!