• Evolutionary Astrology Consults

    If you are looking for direction, a sense of purpose, are in transition, conflict, or looking to make more sense of your life, then an Evolutionary Astrological consult is for you. For new clients, I offer a comprehensive assessment called "The Works." This is an excellent and natural starting point because it looks at your True Self's past history, evaluates your present state of being and then provides you with clarity and direction so you can walk your path with a lilt in your step and peace in your heart! Your future self is trying to emerge and your natal chart is both your map and guiding light. I invite you to explore and see for yourself what an evolutionary consultation can do for you.

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  • Journey to Peru

    Peru is an unforgettable experience of incredible beauty, sights, sounds and colors. The magic is palpable, the Anpus, or spirits are quite evident and permeate everywhere around you within a cacophony of nature! 

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  • South Africa

    Experience the most awesome journey of your life! South Africa offers the opportunity to awaken. It uplifts and serves to catalyze new possibilities and potentials lying dormant within you. You will immerse yourself within the essence of nature and heal the child within as you engage with the spirit of the Great Mother that is Africa! Revel in experiencing the wildlife that are in their natural habitat, sleep under an amazing black sky aglow with the constellations of the Southern Hemisphere, meet beautiful and heart warming people and reawaken to your own inner wildness, your own inner lion. We will enjoy during our journey loving and heart centered hospitality,five star accommodations, delicious food and more.

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  • Mt. Shasta & Crater Lake

    Mt. Shasta and Crater Lake will spark transmutation and awakening within you. It shimmers with electromagnetic energy and dances with numerous ley lines, vortexes and crystalline grids. They are known worldwide as catalytic and purifying cosmic energy fountains of vital energy that rocks your world and opens your mind and heart! These particular crystal grid and ley lines link directly to sites such as Egypt, Peru and Glastonbury, England. Mt. Shasta is a doorway to inner dimensions that span across many worlds. Everyone should feed their spirits at least once with the stunning and majestic cosmic blessing that is Mt. Shasta!

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  • The Call to Egypt

    I have been to Egypt many times and it is never the same.  Each time it has challenged me to go deeper and reclaim a greater part of my wholeness and heart. Even after I return, Egypt continues to work its magic within me for many months afterward. Over the years its mystery, people, beauty and strength have permeated my being in ways that bless my life daily.  Our journey gives you the ultimate in privacy and peace while also immersing you in the richness and alchemical transformation that the inner Egypt offers.   If you feel the nudge...answer the call.

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Workshops, Classes & Travel

Introduction to Evolutionary Astrology Course 2018

February 24th, March 10th, 17th, 24thApril 7th, 14th, 21st;  May 5th19th

9 classes in series held at Wings Bookstore, St Petersburg, Florida


The Regeneration of Spirit - Egypt Transformation of the Heart Journey 2019

Journey to Peru - September 9-19, 2018

Alchemy Definition

A philosophical chemistry in which base elements are transformed into something which, through a process become more refined, renewed and more pure in core essence within the human being.

Services By Imsara

Imsara offers several specialized programs that are designed to improve and expand your capacity for personal development and evolutionary growth:

  • Evolutionary Astrological Consultant
  • Unique focus on Evolutionary Growth and Personal Consultations
  • Energy Medicine and Acupuncture
  • Teaching, Mentoring, Classes
  • Travel Experiences to Mt. Shasta, South Africa and the White Lions, Egypt, Peru
  • Guest Lecture, Teaching and Speaking
  • Workshops in Evolutionary Astrology, MAP, the I Ching.  the Pyramids of Light for Evolutionary Transformation

Testimonial by Jenny Sprung

…..Just a few days after beginning the pyramid, I was walking to the beach. Fifty yards in front of me was a tiny woman walking. I go to the beach often and there is always someone ahead or behind. This day, I said to myself, I will meet this woman. I continued to the waters edge noticing that this little beautiful brown woman was 100 yards to my south. I turned to look at the water and within 5 seconds she was there by my side. it was instantaneous. She said that we were meant to meet each other. She asked me my name. She told me her name was Sweet Potatoes...I knew then this was a sacred meeting as my name on all of my writing is Sweet Potatoes. 
We then waded into the waters of the Gulf and there she sang to me deep and longing voice with vibrato...she sang to me in the healing waters of The Gulf Of New Mexico! She told me I was Solomon and to watch for her as she swims for her heart. And then she swam away. No, I have not seen her since...but I will. I am sure. 
The last pyramid has seen me grow in my intuitive ability, in my healing ability, in my work and my family. My life is full and I attribute a part of that full rich life to the mysteries and truth held within the pyramids. I believe in things we cannot see. I believe we can feel and know much more about the ethers and veils of this world , if we just pause and allow ourselves to do so. 
I have met so many other worldly spirit people. I march to the beat of a different drum and I am proud of the work I have done with MAP and Pyramid. True healing for the heart, body and mind.
Jenny Sprung
St Pete Beach, Florida